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*Japanese Import –  Japanese text*

“It was like a museum. ” —————— Voice actor, Akari Kito (From the belt)

“Fate / Grand Order” Okada Izo, “Fate / Grand Order Arcade” Setanta, “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” Ichimonji Kiku-ichimonji’s character design, and the super popular illustrator lack, also known as the creator of VTuber and Shiranui Flare.

In “FRAME lack painting collection & super fast drawing technique”, a large volume of 196 pages of works from 2018 to 2021 curated by himself will be published. In addition to illustrations of typical popular characters, beautiful original illustrations and illustrations drawn for this book are also included.

In the second half, we will post three different drawing methods, including a cover illustration drawn in a surprisingly short time. By making full use of the functions of CLIP STUDIO and Photoshop, you can thoroughly use “super-fast drawing techniques” that draw quickly and well.

The DVD-ROM, which is only available in the book version, contains PSD data and original brush data of the newly drawn illustrations.

This is a long-awaited book for lack fans and everyone who wants to draw illustrations quickly and well!


GALLERY – Newly drawn work Personal work Copyright work

GAME – Copyright work

CHARACTER – Copyright work

BOOK – Copyright work

OTHERS –  lack’s super fast drawing technique!

Making of “FRAME”
Step 1 Determine the rough composition
Step 2 Draw the character / Correct the pose
Step 3 Clear copy / Draw the frame
Step 4 Background production
Step 5 Finish

Making of “White Witch of Twilight”
Step 1 Make a rough
Step 2 Color rough
Step 3 Clear copy

Making of “Gate”
Step 1 Composition rough
Step 2 Color rough
Step 3 Line drawing creation
Step 4 Clear copy
Step 5 Color adjustment,

lack interview,  Work description.